An Early Morning Letter, Displaced


Shudderflowers reflects upon themes of fervent self-destruction and the fragility of the female mind. Tortured soundscapes pierced with the bones of shattered dreams. A nightmare concert filled with the anguished cries of broken children, delivered with a sweeping stiletto... and a whisper.

  1. Shudderflowers
  2. I Am Consumed
  3. Fever-Drenched and Burning
  4. Fearless
  5. Waning Flower
  6. Searching, Lost
  7. Beneath White Stones
  8. A Cleansing of Bones
  9. Where Dead Girls Lie
  10. Alice (the bones)
  11. Drowning Past The Sky
  12. Threadbare
  13. Shudderflowers (reprise)